KnowledgeWEB System (for 21st Century Classrooms)

The KnowledgeWEB will dramatically improve the teaching and learning environment in your classroom. Added to your existing hardware, the KnowledgeWEB lets you control the functions of all monitors, keyboards and mice. In general, a standard KnowledgeWEB system has two major components:

  • Teacher Control Panel and its System Controller.
  • One Student Unit for each student (monitor) computer, with connecting cables.

    along with several switching functional capabilities.

  • Transmit whatever is on the teacher's monitor to all student monitors, a group of student monitors, or just one student monitor.

  • Hand over remote control of your computer to any student's keyboard and mouse, allowing other students to watch on their screens if you wish.

  • Take remote control of any student's (monitor) computer from your keyboard and mouse, allowing other students to watch on their screens if you wish.

  • Automatically scan students' monitors from your computer-you choose the scan rate and the group of students to be scanned.

The KnowledgeWEB will dramatically improve the teaching and learning environment in your classroom.

The KnowledgeWEB Types

Type-1: One Teacher Station is daisy-chained with all other monitors on students' desktop through COMWEB teacher and students' control units (without any student's computer involved).

Type-2: One Teacher Station is daisy-chained with all other students' desktop computers of different kind (PC, MAC, Unix) through COMWEB teacher and students' control units.

Type-3: One Teacher Station is daisy-chained with all other students' desktop computers of same kinds (such as same PCs, same MACs or same Unixs) through COMWEB teacher and students' control units.

Type-X: Extension of type-2(3); two more different KnowledgeWEB classrooms connected either through COMWEB video-switching cable(s) or other way of digital remote connection ( such as wireless, satellite communication or digital (video) phone connection etc.).

Benefits for The KnowledgeWEB

As a teacher, you will know how to use the standard KnowledgeWEB's capabilities in a very short period of time.

  • Let's say you're demonstrating some new software to your students. Using the KnowledgeWEB, you can take over control of all student systems. As you show students a feature of the software, they see everything clearly on their own screens. Their keyboards and mice remain inactive, so you'll have their undivided attention.

  • Next, suppose you want students to try out a feature of the new software. With the KnowledgeWEB, you can move smoothly into skill-building by turning over remote control of your computer to individual students and allowing them to take over where you left off.

  • As students take turns to try out the feature, the other students watch on their screens. You can take back control, demonstrate a technique, and turn over control to another student, all with a few touches on the teacher's control panel. Later in the class, while students are working individually on their (monitors) computers, you can scan their monitors unobtrusively on your screen.

  • If you see a problem, you can take over remote control of the student's system to provide private help. Or, if it's likely to be a general problem, you can transmit the student's screen to all monitors and have the whole class work cooperatively on a solution. Similarly, if students come up with interesting work, you can let them show it to the whole class.

    Multi-Purpose Multi-Media 21st Century Learning Environment

    COMWEB's advanced "KnowledgeWEB" (Enhanced Classroom Network Hub and Switch) is a system of internal connections that distributes telecommunications signals and Internet Resources to the teacher and student desktops from ANY point of access of the network or from any external source of information transmission. This is a modular, scaleable, dynamically re-configurable, and OPEN system. It is easy to learn, easy to operate, easy to maintain - with no built-in-obsolescence. The goal here is to give teachers and students many new choices in terms of sources of content and styles of interaction:
  1. Instructor & Students Share Hi-Rez Screen Information in Real Time
  2. 2-Way Keyboard and Mouse Control between Instructor and students
  3. 2-Way Intercom between Instructor and Individual Students
  4. Multi-Media Sound Distribution from any computer in the classroom
  5. Instructor OR Student Work Displayed via Projector or Big Screen TV
  6. Simple Student Desktop Interface - HELP Button for Signaling Teacher
  7. All Computer Monitors Instantly Double as Real TVs
  8. Screen Blanking + Option to Temporarily Exclude PCs from the System
  9. Automatic Scanning of Student Screens - with Pause/Restart Button
  10. System is compatible w/Telecommunications Ports, Phone lines, Broadband Connection, Cable Hook-up, or Wireless

eZ-Engine : Add-On New KnowledgeWEB System

A MPEG4 Multi-Video Screen Broadcasting/Recording System Breakthrough Technology Captures the Classroom in Action Push-button CD Publishing Capability

Some Applications of The KnowledgeWEB System

  • The GLOBAL Learning Network - The Worldwide KnowledgeWEB System.
  • The National Learning Network - A series of interconnected, interactive classroom structures.
  • The Vocational Learning Network - Engineering, Medicine, Law and other special interest curriculum or industry groups.
  • The Mathematics or Microbiology Learning Network - Other discipline specific groups.
  • General Distance Learning/Remote Training Applications - Various AD HOC or special project groups.
  • Multipurpose, Multifunction, Multimedia classroom designs - Information rich learning environments.
  • More than 30 different kinds of computer lab.

Options (Hardware products) for KnowledgeWEB System

Electronic Chalkboard: This video marker is an innovative component that allows users to draw and direct arrows or other pointers over any video or computer images as easily as you would use a pen using a digitizing tablet and an electronic pen. This tool is a visual aid for group discussion, allowing presenters to quickly and easily annotate areas of interest on monitors or displays used in boardrooms, classrooms, sports or weather broadcasts, videoconferences and more. Use the transparent (overlay) mode to write or draw over anything on your screen, or choose the solid background mode for a full-
                                               screen electronic chalkboard.

Desktop Video Camera: The ideal general purpose desktop video camera for your classroom. The lens is mounted on a rugged 3-axis articulated arm that rotates 180 degrees at the base and the camera head, and can be raised or lowered for endless applications from image capture to desktop, to portraits, presentations, videoconferencing, distance learning, and macro imaging. It can be used to display color video images of actual 3-dimensional objects, documents, photographs, slides and transparencies. It is designed to work with the KnowledgeWEB's Video Input Unit.

Document Video Camera: This camera is designed to offer educators, medical technologists and business people high quality images for Distance Learning, Remote Diagnostic and 3-D Imaging, Desktop Publishing and Business Videoconferencing applications. It can view 3-dimensional objects, flat art, documents, photos, slides, transparencies and X-rays with exceptional clarity and sharpness. This camera has a high quality flexible lens with zoom control and a special platform to place objects or documents. All necessary controls
                                     are conveniently located on the front panel for ease of use. It is
                                     designed to work with the KnowledgeWEB's Video Input Unit.

Communication Camera: Whether your application is teleconferencing, remote monitoring, training or distance learning, this camera will enhance your communication needs by allowing audiences to see your point. The Camera Control Unit, used to position the camera head, can be detached from the camera so it freely operates in tight places. With an infinite number of pan and
                                       tilt positions, this camera offers even greater flexibility through its
                                       hand-held remote or PC-based Control Software, so you have
                                       complete camera position and zoom control right at your fingertips .