iNota - P2P Knowledge Mangement Tool

iNota is an easy-to-use personal knowledge Management tool. It's designed with a friendly user interface and useful options to help users greatly improve productivity in day-to-day work and study. Through drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste or the unique "autorecord" function, users can gather information easily and quickly.


1. Easy-to-use Interface:
With "autorecord" function, users simply highlight the desired information (Text or Picture) and press "Ctrl+C" iNota automatically stores it.

2. Centralized Information Management:
iNota organizes information in a hierarchical structure of project, folder and document. Through one user interface, users can organize, browse, create and share information.

3. Website Tools Input:
User can input other web development tools, such as Dreamweaver to edit its document content.

4. Stores Information Properties:
iNota allows users to store properties about information, such as subject, author, keyword, revision, etc. The properties can later be used to locate information.

5. Quick Searching or Tracing:
Through stored information properties: which include Title, Subject, keywords, Comments, Authors and Information Source etc., relevant information can be searched quickly. The retrieved result can be browsed directly by the user.

6. Record Audio for Separate Document:
iNota allows users to record and set audio/voice background for each document in any project folder.

COMWEB iNota Web Hosting Services:

COMWEB’s WEB Hosting Service (“COMWEB iNOTA”) is a simple yet flexible Internet Access and P2P system designed and built specifically for  teachers and students.   The system allows users to collect, create, organize, share and publish multi-media content over the Internet.


Benefits of the COMWEB iNota system include:

     e-Rate eligible

     Support for “Digital Community” - User Directory and Authentication

     Simple Yet Functional BROWSER-Based User Interface

     Flexible Multi-Level Structured (Hierarchical) Multi-Media Database

     XML- and UNICODE-Based (Support for Any Language, not just English – e.g.
       Arabic, Korean, Japanese etc.)

     Flexible Pricing - with Support for Potentially an Unlimited Number of Users

     Flexible Pricing - Potentially Unlimited Storage Capacity

     Live COMWEB Tech Support (Phone and E-Mail Options)

     Seamless Integration with Existing WEB Sites within the School

     The Possibility of a Customized Personal Web Site for each User

                                 How IT ALL Fits Together:

                COMWEB iNota Web Hosting Service System Diagram


COMWEB’s iNOTA WEB Hosting Service works as follows:               

STEP 1 – Working at their PC desktops, teachers and students begin by defining a set of individual “projects”.  Additional projects can be created at any time.  Projects can be structured into multiple levels using a flexible structure of folders and sub-folders (i.e. chapters or sections). 

STEP 2 – Next, teachers and Students begin to collect and organize multimedia content at their desktops.   Content can come from the Internet, from an Intranet, from a LAN – or from a local Hard Disk or CD.

STEP 3 – Completed iNOTA projects are uploaded with the user’s permission to the COMWEB iNOTA WEB Hosting “Server” for accessing and viewing by other authenticated users.  Content is protected to prevent unauthorized deletion or modification by others. 

STEP 4 – Additional multi-media content can be uploaded to a project via emails from any desktop.   The COMWEB iNOTA server has a domain control mechanism that defines the rights of every user within the digital community.  Individual users can view content both from a public shared domain and from the projects belonging to the other users, each of whom “own” the copyright of their content but have the option of giving other members of the digital community access rights.

 STEP 5 – COMWEB’s iNOTA handles all the tasks involved in dispatching shared “Objects” (multimedia content modules).   On the user desktop the only required software can be an ordinary Web browser.  Using a small number of simple commands, teachers and students instantly search, download and upload content.

COMWEB iNota Web Hosting Service is e-Rate eligible, for more questions about e-Rate or other
COMWEB e-Rate eligible products, please contact Randolph (Randy) Rankin/Product Director at: or 973-890-0010