kuang Chien
Founded in 1984 and with a central Engineering Laboratory and Factory assembly line in Taichung ROC, Kuang Chien Computer Company (KC) is an award-winning specialist in designing and developing comprehensive “system solutions” to client problems.   KC today has an evolving portfolio of  complex “system products” ranging from highly specialized machines for efficient PC board manufacture to hybrid hardware/software systems for education and training, including multi-media education technology (ET) for language instruction.  Kuang Chien is guided by a design methodology that requires close collaboration with the actual end users. Not only do the finished systems represent a rich synthesis of the latest technologies but they also fully satisfy client needs. Inc
Delivers Learning XP Solutions to learning resource management need of fortune 500 corporate in Taiwan. The platform is based on XML and SCORM standard in e-learning market.

GKE Beijing
Beijing JinKeYu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Beijing JinKeYu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Beijing JinKeYu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is focused on Education Technology Software development, hardware productions, and services providing.

Global Knowledge Exchange
Global Knowledge Exchange, GKE, is a global, educational consortium, whose primary mission is to facilitate innovation and to foster the global sharing of information on the best educational programs, practices, technologies, and institutional models.

GKE China
Global Knowledge Exchange China
GKE China's embrace of the GKE Program has led GKE/China to innovative leadership on the Pacific Rim. Through joint ventures, GKE/China is maintaining a leadership role in the development of educational technology content and campus delivery systems among corporations and universities.

Centrix Technology
Centrix Technology Inc
Centrix, a content publisher in China. Centrix has published hundreds of CD titles since 1993. The topic are very diversified. Centrix has transformed its content in flash for ease of use in a broadband environment.

DigiSeed, a content aggregator in Taiwan, combines content, media and technology to improve learning in educational market. With its Set-Top-Box delivery platform, content is delivered to TV Display, DigiPad and other devices. Digiseed plays an important role in Multimedia Content Provider (MCP) and Digital Channel Content Provider (DCCP) in Taiwan.