COMWEB’s Next Generation (Net-Generation) 21st Century Classroom
WHAT, WHY and HOW ...

- U.S. education is going through big changes. The focus is productivity.  It’s a global Internet era.
- The new paradigm is student-centered.  Seat time of course is no longer the most important measure.  And even the teacher now is viewed as a learner.
- Fortunately President Obama is promising new federal funds to help speed the transformation.
- Today’s schools must evolve into highly flexible, scalable, easy-to-use learning centers.
- And each learning center will function as a hub in a vast new network of learning communities.
- You can arrange the rooms 100s of different ways – but they ALL live connect to the outside.
- The debate is over.  The data is there.  Everybody knows the buzzwords.  Everybody agrees.
- The problem is not whether to build it but exactly how to build it – and how to build it quickly

COMWEB and Global Knowledge Exchange (GKE) have been in the business of building systems for the 21st century classroom for 20 years.  Headquartered in NJ in the Metro NYC Area, we enjoy direct relationships with leading school districts nationwide and worldwide.  We find that we no longer need to be classroom technology “missionaries”.  Gradually the world has come to agree with what we have been saying all along.  COMWEB’s Knowledge WEB Learning System is a proven solution for education infrastructure that has been tried and shown to be successful in dozens and dozens of different learning environments.  We are pleased to offer several updated fully integrated technology PACKAGES for COMWEB’s next generation 21st century classroom.

What exactly do these system PACKAGES offer?
1) A future-proof classroom communication system, a hybrid of new and old – i.e. a system that makes it easy to do the new on-line teaching in all its forms but also traditional lecture teaching
2) A highly flexible system that supports the new “one-to-one” teaching in combination with traditional “stand-alone”(lecture) teaching
3) Plug and play – i.e. instantly connect mobile learning devices of all kinds
4) Use of inexpensive off-the-shelf components – e.g. standard CAT5 cabling and wireless too.
5) Student-centered learning environment where students have access to “subject experts” anywhere in the world.
6) Compatible with every operating system and integrates all of the standard off-the-shelf technologies and tools – e.g. computerized whiteboards, IP-based video-conferencing units etc
7) Integration of Internet content from ALL of the different content vendors – and free stuff too.
8) Embedded Global Teacher Academy (GTA) – because the next generation 21st century classroom requires a next-generation teacher.
9) This system takes a very broad view of on-line learning and looks beyond individual web sites and even the Internet itself, as it exists today.  We ask ourselves what will the Internet be like in 3, 5, 10 years out.  It’s a good question and nobody really knows the answer.  But our overall vision is of a highly distributed community of learners that lives and works “outside the box”.

About COMWEB and Global Knowledge Exchange (GKE) – Our Uniqueness:
1) We have been building robust 21st century classrooms system for over 20 years.  Many of our classroom systems installed 10 years ago (or even longer) remain in active use today.
2) COMWEB and GKE enjoy active relationships with 100s of progressive K-12 and higher education clients worldwide
3) COMWEB and GKE are dedicated to the discovery and sharing of education best practices