"Top Gun"

COMWEB served the United States Navy "Top Gun" Aviator Training !

In the early 1990's, the United States Navy "Top Gun" School introduced PC-based information technology training to its elite F-14 "Tomcat" Aviators. It sought a solution that could support various forms of technologies and interactivity, maximizing on individual and group learning productivity. Needless to say, "Top Gun" requirements were both demanding and exact.

"Top Gun" required a highly reliable communication command and control system meeting its exact standards. A solution was needed to accommodate a full range of hardware integration and content formats, ranging from standard videotapes to "Secretive" data passed through highly secured channels. Because of the Navy's unique standards in its communication, the desired system must be platform independent and flexible enough to accommodate all possible configurations. Moreover, the solution must perform in real-time allowing for collaboration and group interactivity.

COMWEB was selected as "Top Gun" solution provider of choice. Because of the "sensitive' nature of this particular deployment, COMWEB will not disclose information about the specification of the systems or its applications.

COMWEB systems were installed and operational since the early 1990's. Several years later, the United States Air Force awarded COMWEB a similar contract for its communication command and training Ops in Korea.