Morgan Stanley

COMWEB offered the information and content delivery infrastructure for Morgan Stanley to build its worldwide training centers

Morgan Stanley was planning to design and build its worldwide training centers occupying three floors in its New York Headquarters and separate regional offices. It formed a project design team comprised of its global human resources director, corporate executives, line managers, IT, educational consultants and technologists. They designed and built "state of the art" training centers that met all established and projected business and organizational objectives. The centers were perceived as an invaluable human resources and business development initiative at Morgan Stanley.

An expanding number of financial products are being developed and launched globally at Morgan Stanley. Product life cycle in its industry is decreasing; at the same time, staff, management and customers must be trained on the features and benefits of new and more complex products. Quality in the delivery of information including graphics and visualization of data as well as demand for interactivity across a multi-platform environment (PS, UNIX, Macs and Main-frame) required much more from its system, training infrastructure and support.

COMWEB provided Morgan Stanley with a KnowledgeWeb level III solution with five (5) systems in Manhattan, three (3) systems in Brooklyn, two (2) systems each in its Tokyo and London regional headquarters. COMWEB was selected as Morgan Stanley's preferred infrastructure for delivering information, content and training worldwide.

COMWEB met all of Morgan Stanley's design, installation and global operational standards. COMWEB systems have been performing successfully and reliably at Morgan Stanley Worldwide training centers since 1996.