COMWEB transformed Instinet's launch of its decision support and information management program to floor traders across global financial markets

Instinet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reuters Financial Services, provides an invaluable trading floor decision support and information management tool to equity traders worldwide. In 1997, it developed a real- time simulation based training program to enhance group learning effectiveness and efficiency.

Traders process financial information instantaneously through their computer screens, observing market conditions, customer information and decision support display simultaneously. Instinet's trainers needed to monitor usage of its decision support program in real-time, capture & share knowledge and reinforce learning to individual and groups of traders. Additionally, the desired solution must be self-contained and compatible with Instinet secure data-network protocol.

COMWEB offered Instinet three (3) fully integrated KnowledgeWeb systems augmented by digital writing tablets, enabling direct and immediate feedback from the trainer to traders' screen. Though the program and its applications were complex, COMWEB solution was easy to use and functioned efficiently with minimal training and maintenance.

Training productivity increased 15 folds immediately