Hyundai Motors

COMWEB provided Hyundai Motors corporate university with a revenue producing solution to train executives on global business, communication and leadership skills

Hyundai Motors Corporation decided to expand aggressively into global markets but recognized deficiencies within its management ranks. Given the competitive nature of the automotive industry and markets, Hyundai created a corporate university to develop essential management and language capabilities of its staff through programs in executive education and corporate training.

Because of the impact from the economic (IMF) crisis of the late 1990's, Hyundai Motors could not sustain its training programs and the operation of its corporate university. It needed an alternative approach to meet its human resources and management development initiative. Hyundai's CEO approached COMWEB for a solution to resolve this immediate and critical problem.

COMWEB provided Hyundai Motors a turnkey, revenue producing solution to train executives and managers through its corporate university. COMWEB installed a level III KnowledgeWeb system integrated with two separate video-conferencing systems, a media support center and a video on demand server. On the programming side, COMWEB introduced a distance learning and executive oriented action learning pedagogy through Global Knowledge Exchange (GKE), a sister company offering expertise and consultancy in learning and instructional design.

COMWEB enabled Hyundai Motors Corporate University to continue its executive education and corporate training goals by offering its programs and services to other corporations for a profit. It transformed Hyundai Motors Corporate University from a major cost center to a revenue producing business.