Hartford Insurance

COMWEB helped Hartford Insurance to realize its objectives for live- remote learning and corporate communication

Hartford Insurance needed to increase productivity in its training and corporate communication. It purchased a multi-millions dollar video-conferencing system from a leading supplier, seeking to share critical training resources and reduce the travel time of its agents and employees. Unfortunately, the newly installed video-conferencing systems were ineffectual, and training productivity remained low.

Hartford Insurance's IT trainers were not comfortable with the concept of distance education and the new technology. They had difficulties addressing learning requirements from different locations and lacked sufficient knowledge to support video conferencing. Furthermore, trainers found the new tool difficult to use and program-system integration poor.

After listening to a COMWEB presentation, an executive of Hartford invited COMWEB to fix its remote learning and corporate communication problems. Through an extensive consultative evaluation of Hartford's objectives and its new remote learning technology, COMWEB offered a KnowledgeWeb system to link the video-conferencing equipments and other multimedia tools (i.e.: digital whiteboards, projectors and computers). COMWEB enabled Hartford's trainers and executives to incorporate fully remote learning capabilities into its training and corporate communication program.

COMWEB enabled Hartford Insurance to successfully utilize its video conferencing investment to achieve its training and corporate communication objectives