Federal Reserve Bank of New York

COMWEB enable the Federal Reserve Bank to build two highly flexible, reliable and secure training and communication centers for its bank auditors

Federal Reserve Bank of New York needed to design and build two training centers for its bank auditors, who must be trained in the use of specialized software and proprietary auditing tools with "sensitive" data. Because of the nature of their work and information, security, system reliability and flexibility are critical features of the required solution.

Each training room, equipped with 16 IBM Laptop docking stations, has a shared projector. The trainer and all participants (bank auditors) must share "sensitive" information from his/her own Laptop computer through the common projector. At the same time, security and privacy must be maintained. Information and data within the auditors' laptop computers must be protected and kept private at all time. No third party software or intrusive apparatus can be attached to the auditors' computers. Therefore, the communication control system must be secure and reliable, while simplicity and ease of use are mandatory. The selection process was highly competitive and intense.

COMWEB installed its Hub and switch system into Federal Reserve Bank training rooms in 2003. Immediately after installation and within one hour of training, the COMWEB system was operating effectively.

The COMWEB system has been operational for 10 months, and numerous (exact number nondiscloseable) auditor-training sessions have taken place. To date, there has been no customer service and/or maintenance issue registered. A second training session will be scheduled in 2004.