AT&T Global Learning Network

COMWEB revitalized ATT Global Learning Network's showcase at Disney "Celebration School" Project

AT&T Learning network supported the development of emerging technologies in education. It sought to highlight this concept at a school residing in Disney's Celebration Residential Community. In-spite of the goodwill, the project was not immediately successful, and an effort was needed to vitalize the initiative.

The development of the "Celebration School" involved many experts, technologists and educational consultants. The school itself was apart of the local county school district serving a diverse population of families in its immediate area. Though the project was supported by AT&T and other corporations, it lacked local participation in its design and development. Consequently, a public relations problem arisen.

COMWEB was introduced to the "Celebration School" project and was asked to identify a workable solution to the community relations impasse. Through consultation, COMWEB proposed a teacher development program aligning the interests of the school district and community with those of AT&T and other corporate sponsors. COMWEB created four (4) KnowledgeWeb classrooms supported by a series of seminars on the application of learning technologies and teacher development, leading to a successful outcome at the Celebration School.

COMWEB classrooms became the catalyst for the school district, community and AT&T to collaborate successfully in building the Celebration School