New Product Announcement:
COMWEB Next ("Net") Generation 21st-Century Classroom

A Systematic Classroom Modernization Program - A to Z Simple Turnkey " All-in-One" Design - A Complete Blueprint Based on Flexible " Open Architecture" - Modular, Scalable, State-of-Art Room Functionality- Knowledge Automation etc. General-Purpose Learning Enviroment - Teach Anything Here Includes Embedded Global Teacher Academy (GTA) Program
The New COMWEB System Supports ALL of the Following:
- The U.S. " Framework for 21st Century Learning"
- New Student-Centered Learning Paradigms
- Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
- Global Literacy Programs
- Education & Technology Initiatives of Obama Presidency

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How to Plan, Design and Re-Engineer High-Performance, Technology-Supported Classrooms for the 21st Century

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Info on New Global Teacher Academy(GTA)

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Building Global Learning Communities - Some Current COMWEB Project Initiatives 

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• "Global Early Learning Initiative" -
COMWEB is a founding member of Global Knowledge Exchange. GKE is creating a team of US schools and companies with expertise in early childhood education and who can work with a similar team in China.
• "The Village Project: Global Villages for Early STEM Education" -
USED Investing in Innovation (i3) Fund Development Grant - August 2011
• "Wuxi IoT Global Classroom" -
An Internet of Things Experience Center in Wuxi China - Completed October 2010.
• "One World, One Classroom" -
A Development Project for a New Global Learning Ecosystem
• Global School 21 (School-in-School) Infrastructure Development Project
• Project CLASS - Building a Global Chinese Language & Culture Learning Community
• 21st Century Classroom and Construction Project

COMWEB "Digital Knowledge Factory" Services (DKF)

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• Digital Content and Publishing Services